Saturday March 23, 2024 7:30 pm Petersfield Festival Hall

A Century of English Music: Elgar, Ireland, Dyson, Rutter

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Elgar: Serenade for strings
Dyson: Hierusalem
Ireland: Downland Suite
Rutter: Magnificat

Festival chorus, with Petersfield and Rogate Choral Societies

Milly Forrest, soprano
Nova Foresta Classical Players
Giles White and Phil Daish-Handy, conductors

Sir George Dyson was a composer, teacher, broadcaster and author, and the driving force behind the National Federation of Music Societies (now Making Music), to which the Festival is affiliated. His story is told in a major biography written by the conductor of this concert, Paul Spicer.

Regular singers with the Festival will remember our performances with Paul of Dyson’s colourful Agincourt (originally written for the Festival’s 50th anniversary) and Canterbury Pilgrims. John Rutter has played a leading part in the British choral scene for many decades, and has written some of the best-loved modern choral music. His Magnificat, which adds a medieval carol to the uplifting words of the Annunciation, is one of his most engaging works.

Tickets £22, £18 and £5 (18s and under).

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