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Handel – Jephtha

Festival chorus, with Petersfield and Rogate Choral Societies

Southern Pro Musica
Conductor: Paul Spicer

Clara Orif, soprano (Iphis) RAM
Rachel Newberry, soprano (Angel)
Anna Patterson, mezzo-soprano (Storge) RAM
Matthias Daehling, countertenor (Hamor) RCM
Magnus Walker, tenor (Jephtha) RAM
Alexander Bower-Brown, baritone (Zebul) RAM

Written in 1752, Jephtha was Handel’s last oratorio, and undoubtedly one of his greatest. The outline of the plot is simple: Jephtha, recalled from exile to lead the Israelites against the Ammonites, vows to sacrifice the first thing he sees if he returns successfully; tragically, it is his own daughter who makes a point of being the first to greet him. The desperate situation is finally saved by the intervention of an Angel.

From this outline, Handel and his librettist, Thomas Morell, weave an absorbing dramatic narrative. The characters’ rollercoaster of personal emotions is explored through all his skill at individual characterisation, whilst the chorus provides a moving commentary on the broader public and social issues, running a gamut of feeling from prayer to triumph, despair to final acceptance.

Seats £22 (tiered), £18 (flat), £5 (18 and under).

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